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Why Choose Us As Your El Paso Bankruptcy Lawyer

bankruptcy and debt attorney el pasoThere is no doubt that bankruptcy laws are extremely complicated and it would be almost impossible for ordinary citizens to understand them. Hence, there is no other way out but to hire a experienced attorney who can handle bankruptcy related matters. At the Martinez Law Firm of El Paso, we are a reputed and well known attorney firm that specializes in handling attorney cases successfully and efficiently. We offer a number of services to our customers which make us a reliable and trustworthy service provider. Here are a few reasons why it might make sense to try consult with us.

We Have Rich Experience & Expertise

Handling bankruptcy cases are quite tough and they are highly complex from many angles. We succeed because we have the required experience and expertise. We also have a team of qualified attorneys who look at each case in their own merits and follow through using a logical basis and ensure that we are always in a position to help our clients out based on their genuine needs and problems.

The Initial Spadework

We specialize in negotiating your case, taking into account the individual merits of the case. We try and come up with a pathway which could eliminate all your debts. This could be under Chapter 7 or we look at reorganizing your debt under Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The initial consultation is very important, as it helps us to assess your financial situation. We will be able to get to know you and your case and determine the financial goals of our clients. After considering the various factors, we then determine how to best file for your bankruptcy case.

Handling Creditors

Once you appoint us as your bankruptcy attorney, we handle all collection calls on behalf of the client. This certainly takes a lot of burden off your mind and allows us to deal with your creditors on a one-on-one basis. Though creditors are within their rights to call you, in most cases, they usually refrain from doing so once they know that the case is being handled by an experienced and capable attorney.

Preparing The Bankruptcy Petition

This is one of the most important services provided by an attorney. We have the expertise and wherewithal to prepare and file the actual bankruptcy petition. It is an exhaustive process and there are dozens of forms which need to be filled. The time it takes to file all documents lies in our hands and it should not be anything you should worry about as we have done this for many past clients. We handle all the processes with perfection and ensure that there are no errors or mistakes. We have a foolproof method by which each and every document is checked and double checked.

341 Meeting

Once the bankruptcy petition has been filed in the court, the client would be required to attend a 341 meeting of the creditors. We help in educating the client, in regards to this meeting, so that they are able to handle the creditors properly. We then take up the case in the court of law, and put all our resources at our command to ensure that the verdict is in favor of our clients.

We believe in offering top notch services to our customers and pride ourselves in being one of El Paso’s best bankruptcy attorney. We are hereto take care of the bankruptcy proceedings from start to end and our track record of winning a successful verdict is what makes us different from many others.